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All songs written and performed by Kevin O'Meara


released June 21, 2017



all rights reserved


I Miss My Druid Neighbours Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Winter Came
Winter came,
The snow fell softly
Season(')s change,
I knew you well

Sun beam leans
To kiss my daydream
Church bells ring
Do they chime for me?

Morning, sweet morning comes
Easy, breathe easy now

Lovely scenes,
All delighting
But now's no time
For men like me

So obscured
But still inviting
You shall not fail,
My golden love

Daybreak, O daybreak dawns
Wake me, please wake me
Morning, sweet morning
Track Name: Spiritual Hymn
Lay down your ego
And write me a spiritual hymn
(Embarrassing in its honesty)
On your skin

Don't be repulsed by
Unusual sincerity
Fuse the intangible
With corporeality

Convey the message
Of your longing for transcendence
With the fact
Of Here and Now

Accept the Cum
And Blood and Spit and Shit

Take down your passions
And the worries of your mental load
With a pen you bought
From a dollar ($) store up the road

The eternal is preserved
With the transient
Let the sweat and rain
Soak the ink in

Convey the message
Of your longing for transcendence
With the fact
Of Here and Now

Accept the Cum
And Blood and Shit and God

A Unity: divine against the odds
Track Name: Windows
The windows of my lover
I may dream of them tonight
Let in the sounds from backstreets
They're all teeming with life

A rusted metal handle
And some peeling, bubbled paint
Let in the light at daybreak
Through the battered, wooden frame

These ancient downtown windows
They don't mean too much to her
But I find something special
Every time I feel her stir

The breeze from open city
Breathes to keep us cool and warm
Her hair upon the pillow
Like a sleepy golden storm

The windows of my love
Track Name: Explain?
When I say that I miss you
How could I possibly express
Just how much I miss you?

And after all that we've been through
How could we possibly say phrases
Like "I love you"?
Like "I want to live"?
Like "I'm going to love you
For the rest of my life"

When I tell you I love you
How could I possibly explain?
Track Name: So Much Time (Like We Could Afford It)
Music – Listen at night
Talkies – So recondite

Have you ever wasted time?
Like you can’t believe?
Lost in our prime
Temporal bourgeoisie

Posters – Tack them to the door
Laundry – Wax on the floor

Have you ever wasted time?
Would you waste it on me?
Would you wake me with a smile
And a kiss upon the cheek?
All for me
Would you waste it on me?
All wasted on me

Dreaming – Where do we begin?
Freedom – From the debt that I’m in

Have you wasted all your time?
Would you spend some with me?
I could share mine
For as long as you will need

We’ll have so much time
Together, you and I